Journey Through the Psalms

I hope to get back into the normal blogging routine next week. One thing I have discovered is that I get about 3 times the amount of traffic by simply posting a picture of Marina. This may signal the end of my blogging career. Probably not.

I mentioned this before, but the Sojourn staff is blogging all school year through the Psalms. Please check out our work and follow this blog here. I highly recommend it!

Here are my first two posts:

Psalm 4

“Many, LORD, are asking, ‘Who will bring us prosperity?” (v. 6) How true is this question? In this election season everything seems to be geared towards the economy…how well off are we…are we better off now than four years ago?

Interesting and important questions. Maybe even more interesting, though, is this: what is prosperity? What does it mean, what does it require of us, to be prosperous? At what point are we prosperous “enough”.

There’s another word that shows up a few times in this song: heart. In some way the heart is tied to prosperity, security, peace.

What kind of prosperity does your heart seek? Where do you find security and peace?

The song ends with this: “You alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.” (v. 8)

May you find true prosperity, security, peace, and safety in this great and faithful God of love.


Psalm 10

Campus does not always provide an environment congenial to following Jesus. There are times, in fact, when the conditions are dead set against openness to the Divine. Almost as if things are intentionally designed to squash our imaginations, our sense of wonder, our ability to recognize God at work all around us.

This reality makes us question the worth of continuing the journey. Those who are not following Jesus have more fun, and they get away with it! They are applauded. They are praised.

We grow bitter or cynical, we retreat and grow quiet. Our wonder and imagination squelched. We might even fall into “us vs. them” thinking. We might feel sorry for ourselves.

When it seems like faithfulness goes unrewarded, remember this…someone is probably being taken advantage of by the revelers. Someone, the people who clean your school or make your food or sew your clothes, needs YOU, to speak up for them, to defend their cause.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and remember this: your faithfulness to the ways of God are not about you feeling good about your spirituality. It’s about “defending the fatherless and the oppressed” (v. 18).Your faithfulness matters, not just to you, but to those in our world who need to be cared for.So stick with it, you can change world.

5 Thoughts On 6 Days of Parenting

  1. You really do not get a lot of sleep
  2. Watching our daughter grow and learn is a joy like no other
  3. I drive slower, care more about things like hand washing, and find organization and planning to be more important to me than ever before
  4. I care a whole lot less about what’s going on on the internet
  5. The best part of this journey, so far, is watching Amy be a mom. She is an amazing mother. Amazing.

Nailed It

Well, we are still on cloud nine because of this. But, the world keeps on turning, and one of the great events of the last couple of days (non-parenting category) was Sojourn’s first leadership community of the new semester. Last spring we introduced the “Golden Hammer” as a way to celebrate one of our teams that “nailed it” during the past month.

SojournBU won the golden hammer for the first time, and I am so proud of them! They’ve done a solid job inviting new people into the community and we are starting to see some good stories come in. Like this:

We held a welcome/intro event during the first week of class…I had a few students leave our set up time to randomly pass out fliers to people nearby. This was a bit of risk, and you can always look and feel stupid doing these kinds things. But they were up for the challenge and a handful of people who received fliers ended up coming to the event. One of the girls who came ended up joining a small group, at which she shared about her desire to connect more deeply with Jesus. She just didn’t know how to do that at BU. So, it was quite fortuitous that she happened to be handed a flier. Now she’s a part of a conversation about Jesus and Acts and the early church at one of our small group gatherings! Very cool…BU hasn’t had a ton of these kinds of stories but because our students are taking risks and making invitations they are going to become a much more regular occurence.