Lost in all the craziness of the last week was a beautiful moment we were able to participate in on Sunday (a week ago, which feels like a million years past now). We dedicated Marina at REUNION (our church partner and home church). I’ve always had mixed feelings about these moments, but what I appreciate about it the most is the love shown to us by our community and the reminder (and tangible practice/expression) of the truth that in the church we raise children as a community, not simply as individual parents.

Now for the cute pics:

IMG_5559 IMG_5582 IMG_5610

Death to Life

Stealing this picture from my friend Danielle. Last night REUNION/Sojourn held a prayer vigil for Boston and then baptized 7 people (3 students). This is beautiful.



Celebrated Easter with REUNION (our church community) and then had students and family over for dinner. Good times!