Lost in all the craziness of the last week was a beautiful moment we were able to participate in on Sunday (a week ago, which feels like a million years past now). We dedicated Marina at REUNION (our church partner and home church). I’ve always had mixed feelings about these moments, but what I appreciate about it the most is the love shown to us by our community and the reminder (and tangible practice/expression) of the truth that in the church we raise children as a community, not simply as individual parents.

Now for the cute pics:

IMG_5559 IMG_5582 IMG_5610

Death to Life

Stealing this picture from my friend Danielle. Last night REUNION/Sojourn held a prayer vigil for Boston and then baptized 7 people (3 students). This is beautiful.



Celebrated Easter with REUNION (our church community) and then had students and family over for dinner. Good times!



Amazingly we are already in October! Marina is almost 3 weeks old, the Giants are in the playoffs, and students are starting to get ready for the first round of midterms. A couple of ministry notes to start off a new month:

  • I am really excited about our Service Weekend (this coming weekend). Essentially, this is our version of a Fall Retreat, but with a twist. We’ll be heading to the Cape Friday night and then back to the city to serve on Saturday.
  • Our groups are growing on campus, new students are getting involved and growing in our communities.
  • REUNION’s attendance has been stellar to start the Fall, a very encouraging sign.
  • I continue to learn how to balance being a dad and not sleeping with college ministry. Every day is an adventure!