Bruno Mars on Wilding Out

Reflecting on his wild years:

“You begin to lose yourself, you know…a lot of men think the more women they get, the better. But…you lose a piece of yourself with every time you do that. If you are out there wilding out, drinking and partying, that’s not real life.”

On marriage and having kids:

“That’s happiness.”


Amy and I enjoyed our first, true three-day weekend in a long, long time. Actually, we can’t remember having such a relaxing weekend, which is pretty bad. Because of our schedules, this past semester we had an afternoon off here, and a couple of hours there. We were bad.

One of the definitions of decompress is: “ To bring (a person exposed to conditions of increased pressure) gradually back to normal atmospheric pressure.” Yes, that is exactly what this weekend felt like.

Here are some of the synonyms for compress: squeeze, crush, press, crowd, squash, constrict, shorten, abbreviate. Unfortunately, those are all words that I can relate to. This last semester did something to me that feels a lot like being squeezed, and I will not let it happen again.

So, for us, this three-day weekend was a gift. A time to recalibrate back to normal atmospheric pressure. We hung out with close friends, slept in, made breakfast, read books, worked on some fun projects, went on walks, exercised, and watched baseball. My soul feels bigger than its felt in a long while. And for this I am very grateful.

Letters From the Past and Future, Questions of Science and Progress, and Other Notables

  1. Gary Molander on “what I would tell my 20-something self.” Interesting stuff…I wonder if I would say similar things?
  2. Michael Ruse claims that science can answer many questions, but it cannot answer this one: “Why is there something rather than nothing?
  3. Interesting letter from Ronald Regan to his son. Love the line: “how really great is the challenge of proving your masculinity and charm with one woman for the rest of your life.”
  4. Tyler Braun on the 5 shadows of leadership.
  5. Steven Johnson (one of my favorite social commentators) wondering if Facebook will turn out to be its own worst enemy.

Wife Brag

I am so proud of Amy. She is working really hard, she’s sacrificed a lot to be available to students, and she’s pregnant. And she is going to be a great mom!

She recently had this article published as part of a campaign her company has launched to raise awareness about women’s health issues and women’s healthy physical therapy.