Something New

It feels way too early to write an excellent post on how to transition well into a new position. (I highly recommend my friend Ryan’s post here on his career transition). So, rather than write a presecriptive post, I’ll just share a few things I’ve done and maybe someday I’ll write a part II and tell you whether they were good ideas or not!

1. Learn

Ask a lot of questions and listen to people. Especially people who have been around your church/company/work environment for a long time.

Read The First 90 Days.

Read the by-laws…study the web page…learn the software…whatever it takes. LEARN.

2. Stay Focused

Maybe you took an entry level job and like Ryan you need to say yes to just about everything. But, if you were hired to do a job that has a specific job description, do whatever it takes to stay on that job-description. Be strategic.

This is a hard one because it can feel arrogant/lazy to say no to things, but if you are supposed to fix computers don’t sign up to bake cookies. Focus is better than busyness.

3. Work Hard

This is where Ryan’s post is extremely helpful. Hustle, get after it, throw yourself into your to-do list.

Show up, show up on time, do the work.

And have fun. You took a big risk, you landed somewhere, this is an opportunity, so take advantage of it.

SojournBoston Leaders Being Awesome

We held our monthly leadership community gathering on friday night. We ate fajitas prepared with love by the legendary Cuban John. We shared stories from the past month. And, we celebrated what God has done through our community, in the community this year. I am so proud of the ways our students have invested in work that is ongoing all over the city: tutoring and mentoring kids, fighting human trafficking, building relationships with neighbors, serving the least. Beautiful stuff. We committed to finish the year strong and not let these issues become back-burner priorities as we begin thinking about the end of a school year, summer plans, etc. Good stuff!

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