Socially Constructed Knowledge, Bible Minded Cities, Memory, and Unfulfilled Dreams

  1. Tim Keller Being Awesome (on the plausibility of Christianity and social constructed knowledge)
  2. 2 great posts by Donald Miller: Unfulfilled Dreams and Contentment
  3. Least and Most “Bible-Minded” Cities (Boston, Providence, and the Bay Area [CA] don’t fare well)
  4. Boston Welcomes Panera Cares
  5. Why We Remember Young Adulthood So Well

Updates Abound

Just sent my sister, Beth, off on a train to Virginia. She came out for a visit and to check out two Dietician programs at Beth Israel and Mount Auburn Hospitals. We rocked Boston hard…a free Harpoon tasting, a tour of the ICA, program check out day, Angela’s Cafe (Rino’s was closed this week), McGreevy’s with friends for the Niners game, REUNION, and some good chats around the dinner table. We are not so secretly rooting for her internship process to lead her out here!

Amy’s sister, Stacey, arrives on Thursday…a permanent move! We are excited to have some family move closer and, even more, we are excited for this new adventure for Stacey.

Boston University starts class tomorrow and UMASS-Boston gets it going next Monday. It’s go time! I am looking forward to many things this semester, but perhaps the thing I am looking forward to the most is the leadership development plan we are putting into action. In particular, Amy and I are prepping (see pic) to spend 10 weeks with 7 prospective leaders at BU reading this and talking about this and this. I CANNOT wait to get started!