5 Thoughts On 6 Days of Parenting

  1. You really do not get a lot of sleep
  2. Watching our daughter grow and learn is a joy like no other
  3. I drive slower, care more about things like hand washing, and find organization and planning to be more important to me than ever before
  4. I care a whole lot less about what’s going on on the internet
  5. The best part of this journey, so far, is watching Amy be a mom. She is an amazing mother. Amazing.

Marina Grace

She’s here and she’s home. Marina Grace is so named because (a) we like the ocean and Marina is spanish for “from the sea”, and (b) we love that line from “how he loves” that says “if his grace is an ocean we’re all sinking”…grace like an ocean. 

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39 Weeks (1 To Go?)

Waiting. I don’t like it. I’m not patient. We are ready for this phase to end and the next to begin. But, we wait, and waiting is good. Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the spirit, all those good things.

But, yeah, I’m tired of waiting.

Generosity and Babies

We continue to be incredibly blessed by everyone in our life. This is a picture of a multi-colored horse, which is kind of silly, but to me it represents the many, many good gifts we have received. We, and our child, are well-loved. Thank you!

International Campus Ministry and Baby Showers

This week should be crazy, fun, and inspiring with our friends from Globalscope in for their annual Celebration celebration. Globalscopes does international campus ministry and I have been able to learn about them during my times in Dallas over the past year for our Leadership Network University Ministry Learning Community. Several of their teams are in places (like Spain, England, and Germany) that are even more post-christian than Boson. I’m eager to learn from them!

Saturday afternoon some of our lovely friends (and family) threw Amy a baby shower. We are blessed to know so many great people and feel taken care of and loved on in so many ways!

2 Months To Go…

I’m not the one who is pregnant so it feels a bit rude to say this, but pregnancy is long. I’m getting antsy. I want to meet this kid! Not too early of course, but every day it just gets a little more real.

Last Saturday we went to birth class, which was highly informative (especially for me). Tomorrow is a baby shower for Amy. On either ends of those events are doctors visits.

I have some more time off coming up in a few weeks during which time I will complete the transformation of the upstairs of our home: a new room for mom and dad and nursery for baby.

There is mounting evidence all around: we are going to be parents!