We are back in the homeland preparing for the arrival of 17 students and 3 more staff (plus the 4 of us who are already here). I always love and look forward to Spring Break trips (for more on why, click here). But, this year is very special, because bringing students to Salinas, Monterey, and San Francisco is personal, and strangely intimate. But, I can’t wait to share the goodness with them. And there are a lot of people here who are stoked to meet them and bless them in so many ways. 3 more days!


Conferences and Coming Home

Things I dislike about conferences:

  • People that brag about all the great things they’ve done
  • People who don’t ask questions
  • Activities organized by extroverts that make everyone talk
  • Listening to bad presentations
  • Being away from home

Things I like about conferences:

  • Space to dream
  • Interaction with ideas
  • Creativity and thinking
  • Listening to great presentations
  • Coming home and seeing Amy after being gone for 3 days!