Kinect for a Cause

We have brought over the X-Box Kinect to UMASS-Boston a couple of times. You can read some of my previous thoughts about this here. We did it again this past Friday but with a twist…to raise some money for our Spring Break to Joplin, MO. We are heading down there two weeks in a row (Northeastern and others March 3-10, and then UMB and BU March 11-18) to help rebuild after the tornado damage that hit last May.

I’m really excited about this trip for several reasons…I’ll give you few here: 1) One of our staff team members grew up in Joplin and some of our strongest supporters are from there. (2) I love that we are taking two trips this year and that students from at least 5 campuses are going. (3) I love that UMB and BU are doing this together, and (4) We’ve set a goal of raising $5000 to bless a family with the items they need to move into their rebuilt house.

All of that to say, it was incredible to watch 60-70 UMB get together, have a great time hanging out, dancing, and getting to know each other better, and supporting our cause. A major part of the success of the event was the partnership of the UMBEvents crew who publicized Kinect like crazy. They even made a $40 donation. Very cool stuff. Huge win!

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