Some Things I Learned From My Wife Who Is a Physical Therapist

My amazing wife is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her work world is very different from mine in some ways and, yet, eerily similar in others. I learn a lot of things from her. Like this:

Most people, when given the option between a 12 week PT plan of exercises and a surgical procedure, will take the surgical procedure.

Now, I am not anti-surgery…there are wonderful things that can only be done by a surgeon, and certain diseases/situations can only be combated on the surgeon’s table.

What I am talking about here are issues that can be solved either way. And in most cases the PT program actually has higher success rates and is a better predictor of future health. Plus, surgery, even minor surgery, is always risky!

But, PT involves 12 weeks of work. Hard work. And it involves changing some life patterns, like diet, for example. It does not, however, involve anesthesia or having your body cut open.

Again and again, though, people will choose surgery.

A quick fix. Don’t make me give up my dunkin donuts!

There are a million applications to the “spiritual life” here, but I won’t go in to all of them (I’ll save them for an illustration later!).

It’s a fascinating study in human nature…A Long Obedience never seems to be the most compelling option.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Some Things I Learned From My Wife Who Is a Physical Therapist

  1. I think part of that reason is we’re programmed to want quick fixes… I’ve had carpal tunnel since I was in high school and all the doctors have told me I’ll eventually need surgery to fix it. My sister works at the Sheriff’s and was being evaulated to have an ergonomically correct workstation. She told her the lady about me who said, “I could fix her without surgery.” I still have problems believing her–after all, doctors have told me since I was 16 surgery’s the only way to fix it, and I’m now 28.

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