Links of the Week

Nearly blew up the blog yesterday with the baby news. On to the links:

  1. Peter Carroll thinks you can change the world, Donald Miller tells us why
  2. I’m not a huge NBA fan but I found this article to be fascinating. The pay off comes near the end when the author writes: “Consider the NBA at its very best,” but the best line comes in paragraph three: “The stars who win championships allow themselves to be criticized and coached.”
  3. A familiar sounding story…I love the title “Important Things Are Hard To Do
  4. Scot McKnight’s look in to the future of college ministry
  5. Seth Godin on whether or not to pay attention to the opinions of others

One thought on “Links of the Week

  1. Thanks for these prompts. I especially appreciated #3 and (quoting Seth) he has credibility with me because of his experience and his INTJ-ness!

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