Summer Reading, Part II

  1. On Some Faraway Beach The Life and Times of Brian Eno: A little too fanboyish to be a great biography, but still an interesting read about one of the most influential music producers of the last 40 years (Bowie, Taking Heads, U2, Coldplay)
  2. A Hologram For The King: Eggers’ attempt to tell a story of the financial crisis…some parts hit and some miss. Where he hits Eggers continues to be one of my favorite writers, but where he misses it just feels like he’s trying way too hard.
  3. Game Change: Absolutely fascinating…my favorite read this summer…more on this one tomorrow.
  4. Why Holiness Matters: Also more on this one soon…check out Tyler’s blog
  5. Bob Dylan in America: Historians’s take on different eras of Dylan’s work…interesting connection to other artists like Aaron Copland.

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