Yesterday some from the Globalscope crew posted their favorite quotes from our time with Bob Randolph during Celebration. I thought I’d share them here:

“I’ve learned listen more than talk.”

“Can you live with not being successful in others eyes?”

“You have to live with the ambiguity of not having quick answers to a lot of hard questions.”

“Are you in this for the long haul?”

“You will not be thanked.”

“My God has grown a lot.”

“Wisdom is being able to draw conclusions.”

“Learn to talk well about the things that matter most to you, have them rejected, and stay in the conversation.”

“In our faith, small things often matter a great deal.”

“Pay attention in times of transition.’

“Focus on questions of being and meaning.”

And my favorite: “Has Mark Zuckerburg had more influence on your vocation more than Jesus.”

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