Some Thoughts on Being Inconvenienced

There are things about living in the city that just complicate life. Parking is difficult. Even when you find it, it can end up costing you. Transportation is difficult. Today I got stuck on a train and was 10 minutes late to a meeting. Navigating crowds and busyness and bustle is difficult.

There are also things about living in the city that are wonderful and amazing, but I find again and again that there are so many variable I cannot control.

Last week our neighbors painted their apartment. They moved stuff around and unplugged cords and ended up disconnecting our cable. No TV and no internet. It still isn’t fixed five days later.

The TV is not normally that big of a deal, but it just so happens that a baseball team I love is making an incredible, unprecedented run through the post-season. I’d love to watch that.

The internet is actually kind of a big deal. I am doing more admin work from home these days. Amy uses it all the time for recipes and questions about babies and communication with me and many others, not to mention staying in the loop with her company while she is on maternity leave.

As much as I hate to say it, we need the internet to work in our home.

When things don’t work, when things go wrong, when unexpected annoyances derail my plans, I find out all kinds of things about myself and my character that I would rather not know.

And that’s maybe the most interesting thing of being inconvenienced. It’s not that my impatience (or frustration or anger or whatever) is exposed, it is that I am so mad at it being exposed.

I’d much rather live with the illusion that I am patient, and I’m ticked that the illusion was brought o my attention. Because now I have to do something about it.

Illusions are easier than hard work.

So, those are some thoughts…

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