If there is one thing I’ve learned in ministry so far it is this: don’t go into ministry expecting your ego to get pumped up.

Ministry is incredibly humbling.

Sure there are those few who write some books and influence thousands and who make some money who might have an inflated sense of self. But if you want strokes than be a movie star, or a politician, or a lawyer or just about anything besides a pastor.

I am humbled in about a hundred different ways each week, but one of the most humbling aspects of being a pastor/campus minister/teacher/preacher is this:

I can teach someone a truth in a thousand ways (through teaching, modeling, conversations, etc), and then they go to some conference, or listen to a podcast, or go to a different church and all of a sudden the heavens open and everything makes sense.


I get really frustrated by those moments. My frustration probably has something to do with a need to be in control or liked or thought of a certain way.

But, whatever my issues are, it doesn’t change the fact that they got it. Something finally clicked and they are growing, evolving, changing, living differently. It just wasn’t because of me.


5 thoughts on “Humbling

  1. Just a thought… I think often the journey to “getting it” is as valuable, if not more so, than the moment. Keep up the good work.

  2. I hear you brother, sometimes I’m thinking, “How does that not connect for you and rock your world right now?!” But sometimes a specific approach that we may not be able to offer connects the dots…I guess it could also serve as a reminder that some plant, others water, but God is in charge of the growth. Unfortunately we can’t get caught up in being the one who makes “get it” everytime

  3. Wise, true, astute words. Be encouraged and humbled (yet again) by the truth that sometimes YOU get to be the dot-connecter. Sometimes YOU are the guy who says “it” the sixth time, in a way that brings the truth to light. Sometimes God allows us to be the one… and the battle for humility begins again!

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