Architecture and Spirituality

I haven’t had time to fully process the conversation I had recently with my brilliant friend Nate who is a graduate student in the realm of architecture (at this school). We spent a good long while discussing buildings and design and connections to spirituality. Here are some ideas that will require further thought (and perhaps further posting):

  • Adaptive Reuse: the truth that old things can be made new again…the incorporation of new design elements into an old building make a whole new creation.
  • Multiple Modes of Presentation: architecture (done well) engages multiple senses and calls forth a response from each of those senses.
  • Clear Narratives: architecture (done well) has a defined story that is followed all the way through the structure.
  • Questions: As an undergrad architecture students simply learn how to answer questions, graduate students learn how to ask the right questions, and more importantly learn the process of getting at the right questions.
  • Quote of the day (From a Wentworth Prof): “The person [the architect] who makes the most mistakes wins.”

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