‘Cakes for a Cause

At the beginning of November I challenged a few of our leaders at BU to think of throwing a christmas/advent conspiracy/fund-raiser/cause related event to end our semester. I gave some parameters and guidelines for how to plan out an event 6 weeks out, and then left the rest up to the team.

They pulled off a GREAT event. ‘Cakes for a Cause was held Wednesday night (12/12/12!), and raised $400 for Amirah Boston. If you’ve been reading my posts recently you’ve seen this name/cause pop up a few times now. SojournBU continues to do well in its partnership with this organization, and lots of great stories are coming from it.

I am proud of our leaders for several reasons. I’m proud of Bridget for setting the vision and the pace for this event…she’s stepped up her leadership game big time: taking risks, calling others to action, and inviting, inviting, inviting. I’m proud of Stef for her ongoing involvement in several of our causes and for championing Amirah. She’s set a strong personal example and is inviting others into that. I’m proud of Rebecca for her work on the details and the design (she’s got skills people). I’m proud of Faith for her help on the design too, for all of the risks she is taking in inviting people to Sojourn events, and for her servant’s heart on Wednesday night. I’m proud of Ruben for his willingness to do the dirty work and the worst jobs, and for reaching out to people during the event (and for making awesome signs). I’m proud of Jack for doing anything and everything to make the night run smoothly and for always being relational. I’m proud of Anna and Dorsa for all their help in planning, their endless promotion of the event, for being willing to look silly at the hot chocolate table, and for bringing people! (Special credit to Dorsa for photo bombing several pics).

One final shout outt: we are super grateful for the folks who donated money to help us supply the actual pancakes (mix and toppings) for the event so that all the money we raised could go to Amirah. We expected to get school funding and were rejected at the last-minute, so thank you so much for your generosity which helped make the night a huge success.

Enjoy the pics!

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