Some Thoughts On Giving

A major project this summer has been increasing our support base. Fund raising, to put it bluntly. This is not my favorite part of the job, but there are also some beautiful, beautiful stories that come out of the process that I wouldn’t trade for the steadiest of incomes. I wrote about that earlier this summer.

Here’s what I want to say today: since Day 1 in Boston Amy and I have always been taken care of. Always. Sometimes in quite miraculous ways. Other times, simply through the faithfulness of our support team.

I read this article a few weeks ago. We have basically been fundraising during the worst time to do so in my lifetime. And yet, we have always been taken care of.

I also read this and resonated with it deeply. “It always seems to work out” is not a way to build a budget or to plan for the future. But, the truth is, it has always worked out. I think it has to do with faithfulness and with provision. They go together.

We have made some progress and we have some work still to do. That’s how fundraising works. Faithfulness and provision. And thengratitude…because it’s all a gift!

5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Giving

  1. Love the spirit/tone of this entry and your grasp of both the challenge and the upside of inviting others to join you in the Good work.

  2. This is a big part of my job, and when I get to my most hopeless moments (last week), things like a grocery store gift card will show up in the mail with no name on who it is from, and it reminds me that we are always taken care of. Good post. Good reminder.

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