Review: Thin Places

Today completes a three-week tour of books written by friends and acquaintances. We finish with Jon Huckins’ Thin Places. Here are four things I appreciated about this book:

  1. Jon and the Neiucommunities tribe pay careful attention to their context. They listen and respond, rather than impose.
  2. They believe that an integrated lifestyle is possible. This is probably my favorite part of the book. Sojourn sometimes takes some flack (externally and internally) for trying to do three things well (mission, church, justice)…some look at that and say, if you want to be a truly great non-profit only do one. It is important to have “integration heroes” and so this book was inspiring from that standpoint.
  3. They are all about leadership development. I love this emphasis and I will steal some of these ideas for my leadership development!
  4. The heartbeat of this book is for the neighborhood, and that is something I feel I need to recapture, so thanks for challenging me to more present in this place that I call home!

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