Is Your Radar On?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Psalm 34 is the historical footnote provided in the heading: “Of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left.”

So David pretends to be insane to get himself out of a tight situation then reels off a perfect hebrew alphabet acrostic poem of thanksgiving in response. Because that’s what you do when trick Abimelek!

The creative process is fascinating to me. You never know when or where inspiration will strike.

Psalm 34 is incredible. Some of our favorite lines from any Psalm can be found here (see vs. 8, 13, 14, 18). This Psalm and it’s intro remind me to pay attention.

God is always at work,
inspiration might strike at any moment,
and something beautiful just might be birthed in this moment of craziness.

Is your radar on?
Are you paying attention?

And when God moves in your life in an unmistakable way what is your creative response?

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