Rap Music, Psalms, and Boasting of Evil

This Psalm opens with a note: David has been sold out by Doeg the Edomite. Doeg’s thrown him under the proverbial bus and now Saul, David’s number one enemy, knows how to find David.

Saul’s going to kill David.

Psalm 52 reminds me of rap music. You know that moment when a car passes you and you can feel the low-end of some jam pumping through the stereo so loudly that is rattles your rib cage? That kind of rap music.

Angry, ticked off, someone-is-out-to-get-me-but-they-are-going-to-get-it-first rap music.

Psalm 52 and rap music remind us that there are people out there who “boast of evil,” who “grow strong by destroying others.” It is a reality of our fallen world.

I hope this Psalm helps you hear rap music in a different light. More importantly, I hope it helps us realize that sometimes there are destructive people in our lives and they are out to get us. And it’s ok to call it what it is.

May you find your hope in the name that is “good” (v. 9) and not in any other name.

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